In recent years, I seem to detect a kind of plague to be spreading. In the delusion of an unreflective fashion trend the „Net Promoter Score“ – short NPS – gets praised as the miracle weapon for customer satisfaction survey, in every ever so unfit surrounding. Flocks of managers run excitedly through companies, demanding their subordinates to create written justifications, forge action plans and call customers because the NPS does not meet the requirements of whatever glass ball it has sprung from.

It almost seems like a religion, how this all-encompassing question: „Would you recommend XY to your friends and colleagues?“ is being trumpeted unfiltered into the world. It reminds me a lot of the film „The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy“, in which the human race develops a supercomputer which, over millions of years, finds the answer to the meaning of life, and the universe, and presents „42“ as the result. So maybe one should just set the optimal NPS value is „42“ and humanity could relax. On one hand the employees, who often have no direct influence on the quality of the answer to this question and on the other hand the customers who are then no longer constantly exposed to the desperate manipulation attempts of companies.

If the NPS isn’t right, just because customers give an honest answer to a feeble-minded question, one needs either to transform the customer or starts blaming the members of the end of the „Company-Chain“, thus the poor customer service staff.

If you take a closer look at the subject of NPS, you will find that the underlying „research“ is limited to a very limted purpose. The apparent simplicity of the question, which is to some extent useful in the B2C segment, is e.g. now unchecked transferred to B2B situations. I’m looking forward to hearing when the first clinics ask their patients following question: „Would you recommend this Syphilis Diagnostics to your friends and colleagues?“ –Choose between 1-10- „Zero!“ Bam! The NPS value has hit rock-bottom and the performing medical assistant is fired! And this is how it currently works in almost all major companies!

No one gets the idea of quesioning the tool, no! One is trying by desperate actionism to breathe the status of thruth to the nonesense.

I’ve attached one of these absurd examples as a picture of proof here:

I received this card as a customer after a quite managable service experience. Thank you so much for pointing out what I need to do as a customer to troubleshoot your business.

But enough for now.

What’s your opinion on the NPS as a customer satifaction measuring tool?



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